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We asked the staff of a few questions. How autistic are they? What is the magic behind anime? is one of the websites on the Internet that either fascinate or repel you. The self-description alone is enough to either become a fan or call the police: “The #AnimeRight Ministry of Memetics. Artillery Surplus, Content Farm, and Right-Wing Loli Death Squad Summer Camp“. They also have Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

How serious is “” meant? Do you really want to work as a journalist or is it just memeculture?

I’m happy to recieve such an inquisition such as “how serious is

The answer may elude the depth of mentality a general reader would be willing to sustain for such a mundane topic, I’m afraid. Even still, for those who exist that desire insight, I propose it is an intense subterfuge of penetrating ideas and imposure for the youth and those sustaining mental etiquacy, sharpened observational ability, and substantial stature within certain “culture.” The word culture I use to coin a phrase that has not yet been invented within our society.

Journalism, as a part, has ascended beyond the means of what you describe: therefore I cannot answer your question as you are expecting a response. You yourself are aware of this as such your inquisition had implied–“We are not MSM so do not worry.” Why would one such as yourself speak these words? The answer to such a question would most assuredly be the answer to the same drill of probing you have placed me under. Responding to myself with the basis of my own observations I would have to say that news as you described it has evolved.
You entertain a dying group of brain washed individuals who still find relevancy in media EVEN while cursing its NONCREDIBILITY!
They recieve their actual news through meme culture. Think for yourself on it! I’m sure there have been many times you’ve jumped on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and saw a political or factual based meme you did not understand. Immediately you would scroll around searching for what was viral, asking questions of those closer to you who would not find you incompetent for being unknowing of the latest hit to our society. They explained that meme to you. Only then do you begin to search literally for the premise of what happened to what scale and event. You surmise, “this is news,” and shortly afterwards maybe read an article. Without the weight of a culture memeing the occurrence, would you have taken a deep enough interest to even consider listening to the event that unfolded? Therefor I say unto you –
Meme culture

What were the reasons to start such a project?

I suppose my first answer gave you incentive as to why it began. Billions of voices cried out for it. A few decided to answer their call. Have you not also heeded the request of minds screaming for a voice?

It was founded in 2016 – your summary after 3 years?

Can a crazy person diagnose themselves crazy? May a Saint dub themselves sainthood? Such an opinion is more suited to you, the observer. We of the animeright simply ‘are’. Deductions defining us would only appear as piteous or boastful. How could I without an outsider’s opinion be worthy of judging myself?

What are the plans for the future of the project?

As much as I’d love to reveal the secrets we have in store, that would be counter productive. As you are so are we too demonized as an uncontrollable voice shouting at the walls of obsessive dominance. Each word out of our mouths becomes ruined and heart stricken into those that would but listen before our voices could even reach them.

Have you ever had any problems with the project? A visit from Antifa for example?

How could one attack air? Who are we? Better yet? Who isn’t us? Our numbers are limitless and yet finite. No real societal influence would boastfully brag about being involved in anime. That’s just incomprehensible. And yet who would ever argue with something as discredable as a Miku wearing a Maga hat? In such things there is power. No one expects anything serious of us. Confusion and dispowerment follows from even a comment to us. We know our role. It is not the lime light, but rather the darkness of solitude. Even though we may see our work as righteous, it is the shadows we are confined in. Take us seriously at your own peril. Even though these words portray conceit, I implore you to look at Joy Reid. Her references, while credible, were as to naught because of the insurreal source of a demonized shit show in the perpetualization of swatting files. I recommend the article. It’s very well sourced and flamboyant with insight long before anyone was ever able to deduce it. We are simply put a viable source of educational opinions to those that desire us to be while we are insignificant nuisances to those that would disagree of it. Such is one glory of anime.

Is the anime community left or right? In Germany anime is rather a thing for the left. How is it in the USA?

A most crowning achievement! For Americans it was once strictly left. Now after the 2016 election the left would argue it is strictly right. Those who are both of the left and of anime sit in frustration as they are labeled with their most hated adversaries! Now the foes of us all have come into the controlling community of translation dubs to subdue the masses through the impass of direct Memetics. Their attempts at subterfuge are our weapons! Their plans are our desires. They but feed the machine we have created. It is only themselves they strike with their progression. The more they cuss and name traditionalist values, the more we make their subscriptions and mind coverage shrink! The real question would be not “has antifa attacked you?” or “is the anime community leftists?” rather yet it should be “how has your onslaught on the antifa type leftist mindset been progressing?” I would laugh and then urge you to tell me what antifa-type socialist nerd boy doesn’t enjoy anime? Among them, which of their ranks would not be criticized for going after children with anime in their profiles?

How big do you estimate the anime right? Is there a cultural struggle within the fan scene? Left vs Right?

Dont know, don’t care, really. How big and numerous was/is Micheal Jackson? There was only one of him. Whole bunch of touched children, but only one crotch grabbing, Jesus juicing, Peter Panning superstar. The guy had an amusement park in his backFRICKINyard. Did you know that? An amusement park! It’s rumored that he used to take Macaulay Culkin there and finger bang him on the ferris wheel! Wtf!? Sickos, man. Sickos. Sorry. I hate pedophiles.

How does the anime community feel about Trump? Do you support him?

Trump is trump. Not everything is about Trump. We’ll praise him when he builds a wall, slays a swamp monster, gibs me dat tax cut, renegotiates bad trade deals, or protects us from the powers that be. OR we’ll call him Dollard Turnip when he doesn’t give us our deliciously seasoned Trump steaks. We’re nonbiased. We only want the truth and what’s best for our country. Who doesn’t? The phrase “Making America Great” being confined to the desire of orally pleasing Donald Trump is a bigoted thought. We desire an America for Americans. Dare I say the forbidden word? NATIONALISTS!?

Why Anime at all? It seems bizarre… Is anime just a hobby that connects you?

Why anime? UM……… If you don’t know, I can’t tell you. So many cuteru grilz. Quick low t question for a question of a question about a question:

What is the easiest way to change a country?

> Voting

What is the largest voting demographic?

> ?????

What do ????? like?

> ¿¿¿¿¿¿

Do you even meme, bro?

Are anime also political? I don’t know anyone myself, but I haven’t seen many. Is there a must-watch anime for right wing people?

Oh wow. Yes of course there are right wing anime. There are leftwing anime as well. There are two specific talking points I must bring to the table of discussion at this very momentuu. Firstly, Japan was left up to America to recondition after the war. Germany was controlled mostly by Europe and the bourgeoisie after the war. THE WINNERS OF THE WAR WROTE THE HISTORY. Did you forget one of your greatest allies in the axis powers? How many beliefs contradicted during these times? My goodness! The state of sadness my heart endures to think of such a wonderful relationship shot into an unbeknownst void among the youth of the peoples who died for it……. WHO WROTE YOUR HISTORY TEXTBOOK? More of your culture survives in the Japanese stories of elders, imaginations of writers, and pages of manga than what exists in the tricked minds, hearts, and picture frames of your German homes. Secondly! Anime isn’t just kids cartoons, ya silly. It is an array of genre covering just as complex and vast a topic as each channel would upon your TV screen. It’s more than just action and fantasy. There are also documentaries, educational shows, dramas, romance, sports, anatomically and eventfully correct history, and so many other types of anime. Yet people only seem to think about cartoon porn. Did you know there is even a manga that is a complete and accurate copy of mein kampf?! It’s very true. Animation does not mean to the Japanese what it does to the rest of the world. It is a portal for imagination when technology fails to imitate real life live action on the big screen. It’s a basis for art and tragedy-Not just shit posting, porn, and humor.

oh and also
As to which anime are right wing I’d have to say some of the basic ones. Neon Genesis:Evangelion, the Rising of a Shield Hero, Attack on Titan, and Akira. Why are they right wing? To blurt out the answer would be to deprive you of the experience of a robust ascertaining of knowledge. The journey through the maze of it is pure art! Sheer brilliance! Pay attention to the names of characters, places, and occurances. The relation of said characters and governments in collation with the times the stories were written and produced! The Kanji itself is such a play on words that you wonder how they got away with it!? So very much satirical humor and imposing 1985 type wrongthink under the radars of their oppressors! Research the author’s lives and opinions. Then see for yourself how the leftist communities of the world spread the massive critique of themselves unknowingly as they fail to recognize art of another culture. This while they scream for general acceptance of all cultures while being defaced by the very poetry they fanaticize. It’s lvl 100 boss trolling. The leftist will scream for Japanese people accepting them while the Japanese people recoil at the people who desire something that they do not know insults their existence.

Why is anime right wing only a US phenomenon? Are the Americans more woke and have more humor? Is that due to the strong Alt Right movement and 4chan?

Hahahaha! Who said we were American? Americans seem to think we are Russians. Who goes to 4chan anymore? It’s all paid government slide threading. Notice the American government shutdown? All the porn posting and slide threading all but stopped. Your world is controlled and you know it. As to why America? History has dictated that the world exhibits a follow the leader mentality with fashion, government, and culture. Whatever the biggest and baddest are doing to become successful the weaker will follow. America is the start for the most of the ideas during our current time. If we were to desire implanting ideology on a global scale, what better country than the one with its finger in every pie? You’d be surprised to know how many people among our ranks are from every country, not just America…….. OR Germany.

Is weeb an insult to you? What do other non-anime right wing people say to and about you? Is there a fusion of anime culture/scene and alt right?

As I’ve said before, each insult is a weapon. To discriminate us is to devalue those that would interact with us. What idiot would spend their time trying to justify attacking children digitally masking themselves with anime avatars? Hue hue hue. Other right wing organizations disassociate from us but see our works and our importance. They do their best to distance themselves yet cheer for us behind the scenes. Few have ever been approached directly about it, yet communicate with us from behind closed doors. We heed them little. One can never know when they’re the victims of espionage after all……. Here’s looking at YOU!

As far as a fusion between the anime culture and alt right? The alt right is a disgusting meme. Within the media it pertains to any and all such persons as would value their own country and properties above someone else’s. The fact that I’ve even been asked such a question appals me. Who would not want their own country to be successful?! Mind stripped simpletons and bribed politicians/media being bankrolled by other countries that’s who.

What do you think about Japan?

Japan is an island!(edited)

Do you have a final word for us? 🙂

Raphtalia > Filo ANYONE who disagrees is a complete lolicon pedophile.

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